Prydelands Ranch

Prydelands Ranch    

A homegrown wether brought us luck at Shasta District Fair with Reserve Champion Bred and Fed!  Thank you Ted Pella, Inc. and Shasta Farm and Equipment, Plumas Bank and Shasta Feed for supporting our youth!  And our appreciation for our hard-working FFA Advisors that helped her to

Overall Master Showman! Shasta District Fair 2015

 Supreme Round Robin Champion, Tehama District Fair 2015

Prydelands Ranch is third generation producers serving as 4-H projects and a solution to family dairy allergies. We are located in Northern California in the shadows of both Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen.

What started as two Alpine dairy doelings has blossomed into a fully operating home dairy and meat goat operation.  With each family member in charge of different aspects of the operation, Prydelands Ranch produces outstanding and competitive registered Alpine dairy goats and percentage and fullblood South African Boer goats for both show and commercial use.Our goats are managed with health, conformation, production and temperament in mind.  


HEALTH: Both the Alpine and Boer herds are tested annually for both CAEV and CL diseases through UC Davis CAFHS lab.  Incoming goats are only purchased from herds known for their concern about CAEV and CL, then they are quarantined and tested before introduction into the herd.  Fecal analysis is run regularly throughout the herd for parasite managment.  The health of our animals is always of primary concern to us.

CONFORMATION:  A well conformed goat leads a happier, healthier, longer life. We strive to improve our goats with each consecutive generation to excel both in the show ring and in normal daily functions.  We breed for moderate sized Alpines that don't require huge amounts of feed for production.  Our Boers are bred with structure and meat production as our goal.

PRODUCTION: In our opinion, dairy goats should not require heavy supplementation or complex feed programs to produce excellent milk in both volume and quality. We strive to breed for animals that can put a quality product into the bucket by consuming simple alfalfa hay and grain on the milk stand.  Prydelands Ranch milkers are found both in the show ring and in family milk parlors.  With our Boer herd we are striving to breed for high growth rates using quality feeds, pasture and with little or no grain supplementation.

TEMPERAMENT:  Well-tempered animals are a vital part of enjoying a ranching experience.  With many small children in our family, it is imperative to us that our livestock be even-tempered, managable and kind.  We search for bloodlines and breed for animals that will make living with them easy.  When our four year old can lead our bucks-in-rut around by the beards, we know we are doing something right!  Every animal born on the place is well-loved and handled by the entire family so they are people-oriented.


Our biggest win is enjoying rural living!